The length of your class action suit will not only depend on the type of case you have but also the amount of evidence. You may take months to solve some, while others may take one to three years to get completed. 

However, you also should be ready for a long wait should there be an appeal. The easiest and the fastest way to handle class action suits is to settle them in court. 

This happens when the cases filled are embarrassing to a company. For instance, if the class action involves misconduct or sexual harassment. Also, in cases where the case will affect the selling of the company products or services. 

Where there is overwhelming evidence, cases tend to move quickly and end with members getting a substantial amount of money. For instance, according to the New York Times, Facebook will pay $500 to settle a facial recognition suit. 

Where there is no evidence, the cases tend to drag and may end up taking too long, and the payout is too little, making the case not worth the amount of effort required to push it. Also, members have to decide if they want to continue their participation. As a member, you should enquire the length of time the case may take. 

It is, therefore, safe to assume that you will never really know how long your case will last. It will all depend on the company and how much they will lose if the case is made public and how much evidence you present to the court for consideration in the hearing.