People are charged with embezzlement for various reasons and the details vary from one case to the next. Some embezzlement cases are relatively minor in comparison to others, especially in terms of the consequences that one faces. If you are charged with this offense, it is imperative to review the laws in Texas and familiarize yourself with the potential penalties that lie ahead. For example, some people are charged with misdemeanors, while others face felony charges (and far steeper penalties). Regardless, you need to prepare for court and do all you can to increase your odds of a more favorable outcome. 

Someone accused of embezzling a relatively small amount of money likely faces up to one year behind bars. However, those accused of stealing more money often face two years behind bars and some are sentenced to 20 years and even the rest of their life in prison, depending on the amount of money that they are charged with embezzling. Regardless of the potential penalties that you are facing, it is imperative to handle an embezzlement case properly. After all, the impact on one’s career and reputation is often permanent no matter how much time passes by. 

Our law firm realizes that handling an embezzlement case is extremely challenging for people, whether they have anxiety and a lack of familiarity with the legal system or they do not have very much free time. However, these cases require a methodical and well-informed approach. Please visit our website to go over more information related to embezzlement charges and do not give up.