Unlike assets and employees, the intellectual property of your Texas business is not tangible. However, you can still protect the concepts, ideas and the way it represents your organization. At Bickel PLLC, we often help entrepreneurs take the steps needed to protect your property rights.

According to Fundera, there are three types of IP protection. The one you use depends on your property and situation.

  1. Copyrights protect works of art, architecture, music, movies, literature and similar creations. They offer long-term protection and give other individuals or businesses the rights to certain operations on your products or materials.
  2. Trademarks protect the designs, symbols, name and phrases your business uses. This includes your organization’s logo. When registered, you have exclusive rights to use it as you see fit. Similar to a copyright, you can enforce the uniqueness of your business for an unlimited amount of time.
  3. Patents protect your ideas, including the unique way you express them. Patent claims focus on not only the concepts but also the components, mechanisms and principles surrounding them. The area of law surrounding patents has the most rigorous liability standard of all three protection options. Unlike copyrights and trademarks, patents protect an invention for 15 years and the functional makeover of an existing product 20 years.

Not all ideas qualify for patents, and you should confirm that your invention is original before filing. It is not unusual for an idea to have a patent, but not actually exist. Documenting your invention is critical. An experienced IP attorney understands the complex requirements for intellectual property rights and can assist you in disputes. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.