Commercial real estate is a hot topic in Texas. Companies continue to lease storefronts, warehouses and other spaces to keep the doors open.

There are times when a landlord and tenant will not see things eye to eye. During these situations, real consequences may occur on either or both sides of the dispute. The lawyers here at Bickel PLLC stand at the ready to review your issue and advise on how to proceed forward. Familiarize yourself with some of the most common disputes that arise in a commercial lease.

Raising rent too much

As a business owner, you may live on a shoestring budget, and overhead like rent may take away from your cash flow. When you proceed through your lease, times may come up where the landlord can raise the rent. This usually happens at renewal time, but it may also occur as stated in the lease.

Building maintenance ignored

The terms of a lease contain sections on the responsibilities for the tenant and the landlord. Building maintenance is critical for a landlord to tend to as soon as any issues arise. However, if you have made requests, and the landlord has not yet acted, problems can erupt.

A tenant does not leave at lease end

As a landlord, you may take pride in how you care for your tenants. One of your tenants, however, is refusing to leave at lease termination. When a tenant refuses to follow the timeline for vacating a commercial space, the problems that ensue can hurt a landlord’s bottom line.

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