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Bill seeks to lower the bar – and boom – on white collar wrongdoing

Business executives targeted as defendants in criminal cases have historically been subjected to the same proof standard as other alleged wrongdoers. Prosecutors seeking to obtain convictions against them -- for purposes of this blog entry, in white collar criminal cases -- must prove their wrongful intent beyond a reasonable doubt. That standard is a bedrock legal principle and hallmark of American justice.

One presidential candidate wants to toss it in lieu of a lower guilt threshold spelled out in proposed federal legislation entitled the Corporate Executive Accountability Act.

Consultant takes legal action after client fails to pay

Many individuals' businesses and services rely on being hired by outside parties, including other businesses. While most Texas companies believe that their services will be paid for by the hiring parties, situations can arise in which invoices go unpaid. If this lack of payment continues, individuals may find themselves pursuing legal action in efforts to obtain owed balances.

It was recently reported that this type of lawsuit was recently filed in another state. A woman was hired as a consultant for a major sports complex that was set to be built. She consulted on the project from Nov. 2017 through March 2018, but she never received payment for that time. The woman stated that she provided invoices to the company that went unpaid even though text messages and emails from the company's co-founder indicated that payment was on the way.

Could European interchange laws help your restaurant?

How much are Visa and MasterCard really contributing to your business? It’s clear they play a role, and they’re happy to take a cut every time a customer whips out a credit card to pay for drinks or dessert. But are they contributing enough to merit the interchange fees they charge? Europeans don’t think so.

The European Union recently won a big concession from the credit card companies. To avoid steeper antitrust penalties, Visa and MasterCard agreed to lower their rates on the fees they charge for purchases made in the EU with foreign cards. While this will obviously help EU retailers, it’s a good sign for your business as well.

Credit card companies settled for billions, but is that enough?

When you run a business, you have multiple things to deal with on a regular basis. You must consider your profits, schedule adequate employee coverage, and provide a positive customer experience.

And while convenience is important to your customers, it often comes at a cost to you. By allowing customers to pay with credit or debit cards, you very likely increase your sales. At the same time, due to the swipe fees charged by credit card companies, you are also increasing your expenses.


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