Aggressive Advocacy Throughout Internal Disputes

Relationships between partners, shareholders and other key members of a business can be critical to its success. Agreements and contracts often dictate the process for making important business decisions, appointing the leadership of the company and more.

At Bickel PLLC, founding attorney John Bickel has worked with businesses, corporations and executives across North Texas and nationwide since 1976. With a reputation as an aggressive trial lawyer, Mr. Bickel will personally prepare your case for the possibility of litigation. When a dispute between shareholders or partners threatens the business, he can pursue an efficient resolution.

Representation In A Wide Array Of Shareholder Or Partnership Disputes

Disputes among partners or shareholders can arise due to many circumstances, including:

  • Breach of contract or agreement
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Fraudulent behavior or activity
  • Difference in perspective or vision for the company
  • Breach of hotel management **Wooley vs. Embassy Suites

Mr. Bickel will be a knowledgeable and highly effective advocate for your causes. When a conflict erupts, one or both parties may seek to pursue a resolution that amends the business relationship. Other disputes may have no such amicable resolution in sight.

Mr. Bickel will advise whether you were violated by the actions of your counterpart or challenge the allegations against you. He will determine an appropriate course of action and possible remedies to pursue.

A Reputation For Obtaining Results

Mr. Bickel has over 40 years of experience in advocating for the rights and interests of partners, high net worth individuals, and shareholders across the country. His reputation as an aggressive, determined trial attorney can be beneficial in a dispute to facilitate a resolution before litigation is deemed necessary.

To offer cost-effective and results-driven client services, Mr. Bickel has instituted a lean and simple business model. Rather than retaining several lawyers and other professionals on staff, he only selects skilled lawyers and paralegals as needed for each case. This cost-effective strategy benefits his clients by offering the quality services they expect at a fraction of the cost.

Consult With A Lawyer

A dispute among key members of a company can endanger the future of the business. When a conflict arises, an experienced lawyer can explore your options. Contact Bickel PLLC in Dallas. Call 214-537-8100 or contact the firm online.