Knowledgeable Defense When A Lease Is Violated

Commercial leases dictate the standards by which both parties must abide by. The responsibilities of the landlord and tenant are clearly stated to avoid the potential for future conflict or misunderstandings.

However, even the strongest and most detailed of commercial leases can fail to foresee all possible conflicts or guard against lease violations. Attorney John Bickel has over four decades of experience in real estate law. Representing businesses, corporations and investors across Texas and the country since 1976, he offers diligent, aggressive guidance to efficiently resolve your dispute.

Frequent Sources Of Commercial Lease Disputes

Relationships between landlords and tenants can be tense. As each party has considerable interest in upholding their terms of a commercial lease, any sort of conflict can involve high stakes and substantial consequences.

Disputes can arise due to a wide array of issues or disagreements, including:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Unreasonable increase in rent
  • Failure to address key maintenance issues in a timely manner
  • Irreparable or significant damages to property
  • Violation of the length of the lease

Whether you are a property owner or tenant, Mr. Bickel will diligently protect your financial interests throughout a dispute.

Pursuing An Amicable Resolution When Possible

Negotiation, mediation or arbitration can resolve many violations of commercial leases. Many times, such alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are preferable to preserve a continued business relationship between both parties. Mr. Bickel recognizes the benefits of such methods, including avoiding the time, cost and efforts of litigation. His reputation as a prominent trial lawyer can aid in encouraging a swift resolution.

Mr. Bickel prepares each case for the possibility of presenting and defending it before a judge or jury. With experience in presenting over 150 cases before a jury, he can provide the aggressive representation you need when litigation is necessary.

Speak With A Prominent Trial Attorney

Consult with Mr. Bickel to explore your options. Only employing lawyers and other professionals when necessary for your case, Bickel PLLC offers quality but cost-effective services. Contact the firm in Dallas by calling 214-537-8100. Alternatively, send an email to the firm.