Representing Businesses In Disputes Since 1976

A dispute can introduce risks that put the finances and longevity of a business in danger. When all you have worked hard for is at stake, you need experienced legal representation.

Attorney John Bickel has prosecuted and defended businesses, corporations and high net worth individuals across North Texas and nationwide since 1979. He has earned a reputation for his passion for the law and dedication to obtaining favorable results for his clients. As a prominent business litigation attorney, Mr. Bickel when necessary will be ready to defend your case in trial.

An Aggressive, Knowledgeable Approach

Bickel PLLC represents a wide array of companies, including those that are publicly traded and privately held. Mr. Bickel also represents partnerships, lawyers and other entities. The firm assists those facing a dispute due to:

Not all disputes require or benefit from litigation. When negotiation, arbitration or mediation is either a required step or an agreed-upon dispute resolution method, Mr. Bickel will be a knowledgeable, highly effective advocate for your cause

However, Mr. Bickel personally prepares each case with the notion that it will conclude in a courtroom in front of a judge and jury, when necessary. Frankly, a lot of cases are settled just because of Mr. Bickel's reputation. This mindset provides your dispute with the thorough, diligent preparation it needs.

Obtaining Results That Make A Difference

There is a reason for Mr.Bickel's stratospheric client rating. Bickel PLLC works to achieve results that make a positive difference in the client's life. As described above, the firm works toward the goal by obtaining a lean team to offer cost-effective legal services.

Mr. Bickel himself will work on your case. Depending on the specifics of your dispute, he will select one or two lawyers across the country to assist, as well as a paralegal, if required. This structure allows the firm to offer quality legal services to business and commercial clients at a substantially lower rate.

The Key To Getting Good Results

Bickel PLLC is invested in the continued success of your and your business's goals. When a dispute threatens that success, the firm will develop a personalized strategy to efficiently accomplish your goals. Contact the firm in Dallas to schedule a consultation. Call 214-537-8100. Alternatively, send the firm an email.