Assisting Merchants And Business Owners Against Financial Giants

Over the past several years, hundreds of merchants across the country have allegedly suffered Visa and Mastercard in a highly publicized antitrust class action lawsuit. Merchants rejected a settlement achieved in 2012. As of 2018, another settlement has been achieved, but has yet to receive judicial approval.

Attorney John Bickel represents a wide array of merchants, including automotive dealers and restaurant chains, in the lawsuit. With over 40 years of experience in complex business and commercial litigation cases, Mr. Bickel has earned a reputation as an aggressive trial attorney. With a focus on antitrust and trade regulation disputes, he can advocate for your interests to receive a fair settlement.

Knowledgeable In The Complexities Of Class Action Lawsuits

Merchants across the country, from huge enterprises to local business owners, have suffered the effects of the price-fixing tactics of Visa and Mastercard.

The class action lawsuit seeks to amend the years of paying steep, unfair "swipe fees," or fees charged to the merchant when a consumer swipes their credit card. By co-conspiring with some of the nation's largest banks and taking advantage of their positions as market leaders, Visa and Mastercard reaped the benefits of collecting expensive fees for years.

Mr. Bickel will assist you in navigating the maze of this long-disputed and complex class action lawsuit. With a retention agreement, he will utilize that authorization to work with the payments processor in order to uncover the necessary data to prove up the merchants damages. He will uncover:

  • Data concerning how much Visa and Mastercard collected
  • The fees charged to merchants
  • The amount possible for each merchant to recover
  • Any charges that have been refunded

Many anticipate judicial approval for the settlement in 2019. With considerable compensation on the line and hundreds of class members, working with an experienced trial lawyer can provide a distinct advantage.

Representing Clients Across The Country

While based in Dallas, North Texas, Mr. Bickel worked with clients across the country since the start of his career in 1976. He prosecuted and defended cases in Florida, Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., in addition to Texas. After opening his own practice in 2016, Mr. Bickel retains his reputation as an aggressive litigator nationwide.

Get The Financial Relief You Deserve

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