Dedicated Advocacy In Complex Disputes

The Sherman Act, Clayton Act and Texas Free Enterprise and Antitrust Act are just three of many laws regulating antitrust and trade matters. Such regulations protect businesses across Texas and the country from unfair practices, advantages or competition.

Attorney John Bickel has represented businesses, corporations and individuals in North Texas and nationwide since 1976. With a reputation as an aggressive business and commercial litigation attorney, Mr. Bickel brings a knowledgeable perspective to traditionally complicated areas of business law.

A Closer Look At Antitrust And Trade Regulations

Regulations at both the state and federal levels seek to protect large corporations, small businesses and everything in between from unfair business practices. Such laws prohibit:

  • Price fixing
  • Monopolization through mergers or acquisitions
  • Unfair competition
  • Other unfair business practices

Antitrust and trade violations or conflicts can affect multiple businesses or an entire industry. A knowledgeable attorney can be critical in protecting the interests of your business and representing you before the Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Experience In Litigating Challenging Cases

Mr. Bickel has represented businesses and corporations in complex, high-stakes disputes for over 40 years. He has negotiated settlements and offered aggressive trial defense in cases alleging unfair competition, illegal price fixing maneuvers and more. He is also involved with the highly publicized class action suit against Visa and Mastercard, brought by hundreds of merchants across the country.

With a reputation across North Texas as a fearless trial attorney, Mr. Bickel offers a distinct advantage to clients pursuing an efficient, amicable resolution through mediation or arbitration. When bringing a case before a judge and jury is unavoidable, he leverages his 40-year career as an aggressive trial lawyer to obtain an optimal outcome.

Working on a lean business model, Mr. Bickel only employs other lawyers and paralegals as necessary for your case. This allows him to offer quality, cost-effective and efficient services to clients.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Lawyer

The outcome of antitrust and trade litigation can have significant effects on the future of your business. Consult with Bickel PLLC to determine your legal options. Call the Dallas office at 214-537-8100 or send an email.